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Getting Children Back to Nature

What We Offer

Swiftwind Equine Center provides an education service to children and youth about horses and agriculture. The resurgence for children and youths to connect with the outdoors and agriculture provides an opportunity for Swiftwind Equine Center to fulfill this demand. The curriculum is fact-based, unique, interactive and fun.  This also includes field trips, workshops and guest speakers. 

Currently, Swiftwind sessions operate every Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. At the end of every session, members receive handouts which may include information sheets, word searches, colouring pages and possibly a homework assignment. Each handout package is catered to the member’s age. Reach out to us to learn more.

The Sunday sessions are for those who paid the annual membership fee (more info below). We also offer the following services:

  • Horsey Time (4 hours, usually scheduled on a PA day, school holiday weeks or a Saturday)
  • Herd Holler (1hour and 30 minutes and up, drop-in sessions)
  • Dams and Sires' Turnout (1hour and 30 minutes and up, exclusively for adult demographic)
  • Me Time (45 minutes and up, Private one-on-one sessions)

Welcome to Our Animal-Loving Family

Let your little ones be part of the Swiftwind Equine Center community! The membership fee is $100.00 annually (i.e.: pay in May 2020, don't pay again until May 2021). Potential members are allowed to attend three sessions before paying. Registration is year round.

For those who are guests or occasional visitors, the fee is $10.00 per session.

The fee is set so it is affordable for families at any income level. Swiftwind does not want to be the only activity a child does, but one of the activities the child enjoys. Contact Swiftwind Equine Center in Lyndhurst to learn more.

Badges’ Program

There's over 30 badges for all ages and learning levels.  Some are integrated into the lessons, others are earned independently.  They receive the badges at our annual Games and Badges' Day.

Annually, Swiftwind Equine Center hosts a Games and Badges' Day. It’s open to public spectators. This day comprises of verbal questionnaire tests about topics learnt in the previous sessions. There is a lead-in hand horsemanship obstacle test as well. There is a costume component where members and their assigned horse are dressed in matching costumes.

Afterwards, there is a potluck and badges' ceremony. Each member receives a horsemanship test placing ribbon and earned badges. If this is the member's first Games and Badges' Day, they receive a new white saddle pad to attach the badges.  Thank you gifts are given to past guest speakers and field trip hosts.

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